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Landscape Design
Total design packages, adapted to meet your requirements.

At Rhyscapes, we listen and understand our clients’ needs and budget.  We translate your vision into a practical landscape, that contributes to your exact lifestyle needs.   Designs match existing facilities and meet lifestyle expectations.  We partner with existing designers or provide a vibrant, modern design.


We Make


Concrete can be decorative.  

Rhyscapes has a wide range of options and styles, from stencilling to standard and exposed finishes.  We will assess the most appropriate style and product for your specific requirements and location. Matching with existing paving, retaining walls or landscape design, Rhyscapes concrete products s will meet all requirements.  All concrete is 100mm minimum and applicable to any use.  


Paving done correctly creates an outdoor space that is functional and attractive.  

Whether creating a soft feel with style, or maximising available space, all types of paving solutions are provided.  A complete match with existing landscape and housing design / colour is achieved.  Paving enhances the outdoor experience, refreshing available space into functional areas.


Retaining Walls
Retaining walls can enhance a difficult site and seamlessly fit into your landscaping. 

Rhyscapes offers all types of retaining walls, regardless of materials and up to 2.1m in height.  Walls are attractive, safe and provide an exciting element to your landscape.  Materials match the overall design and become a feature of your outdoor area.  

Rhyscapes assesses your requirements, suggests materials and provide planting solutions within a level, well-drained design.


Rhyscapes works with you to select plants, establish gardens and achieve a high quality inish with a variety of mulching products.

Each plant and garden is a personal expression.  We can advise on plant types suited to location, functionality of plants, as well as water or sun / shade requirements.  Rhyscapes uses local nurseries to ensure plants are suited to this region.  Your time and interest in plant and garden maintenance informs each stage of the development, and results in a garden you can enjoy and maintain. 

Rhyscapes recommends and uses premium turf.  

This turf is designed for our tough climate.  We manage all aspects of turf laying, and provide you with the information and knowledge needed to maintain your lawn for many years to come.  Not limited to the normal turf solutions, we can work with your turf selection to achieve excellent results.  

Water efficiency in the North Queensland climate is essential.

 Irrigation is designed and installed to match climate and plant propagation.  Complete solutions are delivered with the type and style of irrigation needed for the expected garden and landscaping results.  All devices are installed and configured along with water testing.  Full training and commissioning ensures low-maintenance and water efficient systems.  


Your backyard is an extension of your home.

It’s a living area to enjoy the warm North Queensland summer evenings or a cool space to socialise and entertain your guests.

We can design, install and maintain a wide range of composite and timber decking that seamlessly integrates with your existing or new outdoor area. Our experienced timber and composite decking installers can help you turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis that is perfect for entertaining.

Landscaping Services Cost

The cost of our Townsville landscaping services varies depending on the service, materials used, and your start and end results. We are happy to give you a quote for our landscaping services – get in touch today to get started.


Rhyscapes Landscaping is centrally located in Townsville, QLD and provides landscaping services to Townsville and the surrounding North Queensland areas. Our team has completed projects all around the North Queensland area. including other areas such as Mackay,Airlie Beach and Bowen.


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